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Type definition file .NativeLoader by barry
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{"title" : "NativeLoader interface",
	"description" : "This API allows for the loading of native libraries as Dana components. It is implemented by the Dana VM."}

interface NativeLoader{
	{"description" : "Loads a specified native library, returning an IDC which can be queried for other interfaces.",
		"path" : "A native library name. There are special conventions for native library names: a name provided here, such as mylibrary, will be automatically transformed into 'mylibrary[platform.chip].dnl' where platform is 'win' or 'ubu' etc., and chip is 'x86' or 'x64' etc. These elements are automatically derived by the platform on which the Dana virtual machine is running."}
	IDC load(char path[])
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Version 1 (this version) by barry
Notes for this version: Standard Library Initialisation