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Source is a collaborative package management system. The Dana standard library, in your Dana installation, is also a pre-initialised source repository. Any user can propose updates to existing components, propose new components, or propose entire new packages. To get updates for your local Dana standard library, open a terminal in your (dana_home)/components/ directory and use the command dana source update.

You can also pull in extra packages that aren't in the standard distribution library with the command dana source get-pack package_name.

When you view the page for any existing component, type definition file, native library, documentation file, or auxiliary file, you will see the corresponding source command to propose an update to that entity. If you are an existing owner of that entity, your update is usually applied immediately. If you are not an owner of that entity, your proposed update is placed on an approval list for existing owners to review before deciding whether or not to apply the proposed change.

To propose an entire new package, use the command dana source put -ap local_package_directory -r -n desired.package.name -m reason -u your_username. This command adds the specified directory contents as a new package, with the given package path, and recursively adds all components, type definitions, and package documentation files in that directory. If you are an owner of the parent package, your changes will normally be applied immediately; otherwise your proposed new package will be added to an approval list for an existing parent package owner to review.