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global dec variable being assigned an integer value

I don't know if this was fixed in the latest Dana update. But if you run the code attached to the end of this message, the Dana VM just hangs as if it is waiting for a component to be connected. This is due to the global "dec test = 0". If we replace it to "dec test = 0.0", the code works just fine. And if we place "dec test = 0" inside the main function, the program also works. Very strange.

component provides App requires io.Output out, data.DecUtil du {
    dec test = 0
    int App:main(AppParam params[]) {
        out.println("Hello world")
        return 0

by roberto on 2017-07-29 13:47:07 (1 reply)


This was fixed in the last update, and is indeed one of the weirdest bugs! Thanks for the report :-)

- Barry
by barry on 2017-07-29 19:12:13
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