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global dec variable being assigned an integer value
Hello, I don't know if this was fixed in the latest Dana update. But if you run the code attached to the end of this message, the Dana VM just hangs as if it is waiting for a component to be connected. This is due to the global "dec test = 0". If we replace it to "dec test ...
by roberto on 2017-07-29 13:47:07 (1 reply)
Queue length doesn't decrease
Don't know if this is an error but I noticed that when calling the service() function in the Queue component the length doesn't decrease even though the object has been removed from the Queue
by adetolaraphael on 2015-05-31 23:03:26 (1 reply)
Return null
Hi, I got the following situation: // BUG! Row row[] = database.executeQuery(sql); if (row != null) { out.println("why?"); for (int i = 0; i < row.arrayLength; i++) { for (int j = 0; j < row[i].column.arrayLength; j++) { out.println("The valu...
by roberto on 2015-04-11 22:13:41 (2 replies)
Negative integers not implemented collateral effect!
I don't really know if that is a collateral effect of not implementing negative integers in DANA or not, and I'm also not sure if I should report this as a bug. It's just something to keep in mind when programming. I have the following code that throws an exception. fo...
by roberto on 2015-02-25 14:21:16 (1 reply)
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