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Dana v171
Dana v171 provides a range of bug fixes and a code documentation system.

Documentation system

Dana has, until now, had no particular code documenting system. This has been bothering us for a while, particularly in how difficult it is to quickly look up how to use an interface. For Dana v171 we've implemented a very simple approach to this, based on JSON. Most of our interfaces are now documented using this system and so can be used as a reference point for your own documentation.

You can view the result at http://www.projectdana.com/dana/api/

We've also included the code to generate this documentation, which works for any Dana project. This is in a simple program called docgen, found in Dana's components folder. We've split this into three main components: a tokeniser (data.Tokeniser), a syntax parser to extract type declarations (doc.DocBuilder), and a HTML generator (docgen) to write the HTML. Each of these components need a bit of polish and we'll hopefully get around to that soon, but the current versions work for most cases.

To create the documentation on your local machine, all you need to do is open a command prompt in your DANA_HOME directory and type: dana docgen

This will create a "doc" folder with an index page inside.

Removed deprecated things

Finally, we've removed two deprecated API elements from io.File, which may affect some of your code - specifically the two constants FILE_ACCESS_READ and FILE_ACCESS_WRITE are no longer available in global scope. Instead, the constants declared inside the interface must be used.

As usual, the full change list for this version is at http://www.projectdana.com/timeline

Happy coding :-)
by barry on 2016-08-16 13:18:25 (0 replies)

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